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I have been creating websites for over fifteen years. W is for web was registered on 06/05/2013, but I've been tinkering since well before I started the business. I have worked with carrd, wordpress, adobe flash, squarespace, google pages, dreamweaver, and adobe spark. I am not afraid of learning new software to work with, so please feel free to reach out if you're not seeing the platform you usually use. I also teach people to make websites, if you need, creating tutorials for people when necessary or being there over the phone, online, or in person as you prefer. Feel free to negotiate with me.-Sandra Cheese
aka [email protected]

The Power of Custom Built Websites: Why Tailored Design Matters

  • Unique Branding- Develop your product or services so that people understand your best self.

  • Improve user experiences- Provide easy to use forms and other interactive elements to give your clients greater access to your contact information, sign up for your newsletter or other regular content, and engage them with a sneak peak at your business provisions.

  • Effective engagement- Rank higher by learning how to get more people looking at your site. Use google analytics to help you with providing the best search terms as long tail meta keywords so that others will see your best products for their needs.

Resources used for creating simple, effective websites

  • Wordpress, Carrd, Wix, and Squarespace are some easy website builders that both a designer and our clients can upkeep with little to no prior coding experience. W is for web recommends using these, and invites you to learn how to update these yourself with free weekly or monthly thirty minute Q&A zoom sessions. W is for web can also provide instructional videos as requested.

  • For instant graphics with a preloaded royalty free library, w is for web recommends either Adobe Express or Canva. There are many other online resources for copyright-free images, such as pixabay and the noun project.

  • If you are a non-profit or simply low income, W is for Web can also help you find & select the most budget friendly solutions for hosting, domain names, places to meet, and beyond.

Creating a Cute Website: Design Tips for an Adorable Online Presence

  • Design can be attractive and engage clients who love your work.

  • Can playfulness, vibrant colors, and charming graphics be the balance for usability and professionalism?

  • What might strike joy for your product or service in just about anyone, even perhaps those who may not be the usual client for it?

Bold Website Design: Embrace the Impactful and Striking

  • Daring to be different in a mass produced world can be bold and impactful. You can use your website to say something meaningful while pushing the envelope for your cause.

  • By using a unique or bold style or other visual elements and dynamic layouts that shift from the trends, you can disarm people of their preconceived notions of what your service can provide.

  • Communication online can be made with visuals and sound, videos, podcasts, music, games, and apps. By creating an online environment, the user is able to glean more information about your persona. W is for Web can help you build a larger audience with the use of social media.

Designing for Mental Health Advocacy: Building Empathetic and Accessible Websites

  • Website design can support mental health advocacy by increasing awareness of people with all kinds of different abilities and providing support as needed.

  • W is for Web can provide custom designs to support mental health advocacy by using positive affirmations and reduce or eliminate use of stigmatized labels.

  • By including links to tutorials and enabling clients to ask for custom made tutorials for their needs, we can increase the accessibility of any website.

"Stand-Up Comedy and the Web: How to Create a Hilarious Online Presence"

  • Link to online comedy open mic websites such as "Plauzzable"

  • Share videos of previous performances, highlighting best sets when possible.

  • Engage people with a calendar of next possible performances or the usual open mic nights that you regularly attend.

W is for Web
(: :)

Sandra Cheng (aka SandraCheese) is an multitalented artist with mental health advocacy and lived experiences. Websites, animation, and stand up comedy are some of the featured things on this website.
W is for Web logo: Spellbinding Websites

Website Portfolio

W is for Web logo: Spellbinding Websites
PedantPhilia USC 2002


Sandra Cheng is also an award-winning filmmaker known for "PedantPhilia", "Hung Moon", "Light Stains", & "America Missung".She has also collaborated on several other animation projects including sound design for Yoom Sirirat Thawilvejakul's Sunday Party, animation title work for Tokyo Broadcasting System's "My Precious Date", whiteboard animation for Entertainment Industry Council (about mental health & media), graphic design for multimedia game "inCHARACTER," and City of Hope's animated leukemia educational video for children.

W is for Web/Animation- PedantPhilia (USC 2003)

PedantPhilia (USC) 2003A school girl's crush plays out as a romantic musical, but only in her mind. She is falling madly in love, and in reality, Sandra Cheese has been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder.



As an artist, Sandra Cheese creates oil paintings, folds origami, sews masks and aprons, crochets and knits hats, sweaters, socks, and gloves, constructed multiple wood projects including a spice rack, a bed frame, folding screens, and does stand up comedy.

Co-occuring Disorders Training Graduation

W is for Web
(: :)

PedantPhilia USC 2002


Sandra Cheng is also an award-winning filmmaker known for "PedantPhilia", "Hung Moon", "Light Stains", & "America Missung".She has also collaborated on several other animation projects including sound design for Yoom Sirirat Thawilvejakul's Sunday Party, animation title work for Tokyo Broadcasting System's "My Precious Date", whiteboard animation for Entertainment Industry Council (about mental health & media), graphic design for multimedia game "inCHARACTER," and City of Hope's animated leukemia educational video for children.

PedantPhilia (USC) 2003This film was made at USC in 2003, as a first year graduate animation. A school girl's crush plays out as a romantic musical, but only in her mind. "Pedantphilia" is a retelling of an experience of falling madly in love, and in reality being diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. Heralded at Tennessee International Film Festival as the Best College Student Animation, and honored at "Hi Mom" Film Festival with Top Animation Award in 2004It was drawn with charcoals and erasure inspired by the style of William Kentridge.

Hung Moon - Vancouver Film School, 2000Sandra Cheng attended the 2d Classical program at Vancouver Film School, and "Hung Moon" was her final film for that year."Hung Moon" is a play on words, "Hung" sounding a little bit like the word for red in Chinese. Two girls connected by the hair go for a ride on a rickshaw late at night, with the rabbit in the moon following them. The gruff older sister is much bigger than the whiny younger sister and pulls her into action by their hair, forcing her to pedal the rickshaw while she rides in the back. They get into an accident with a cat, and their hair flies over the moon, causing both sisters to fall to their early demise.The music is the melody of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata played backwards, performed by Sandra Cheese on keyboard in midi.


I have been creating websites for over fifteen years.

Co-occuring Disorders Training Graduation



W is for Web Logo


Full portfolio of logos

W is for Web
(: :)

W is for Web logo

W is for Web
(: :)


As an artist, Sandra Cheese creates oil paintings, folds origami, sews masks and aprons, crochets and knits hats, sweaters, socks, and gloves and may have even yarn bombed something. She has constructed multiple wood projects including a spice rack, a bed frame, folding screens, and various stands. She occasionally finds herself doing stand up comedy with the support of her mentor from Westside Community College, Barry Weisenberg. Like many artists, she dreams of moving to Paris with her boyfriend, who wants to be there even more than her.

Stand Up Comedy Videos


W is for "Woke"

Learning Technology is for EVERYONE.W is for Web strives to make accommodations for people with disabilities, seniors, and anyone who needs support. Here is an outline of how I help using my peer support perspective, with an emphasis on the need to meet each person where they are at.

Elder and/or Mental Health client supportI'm fairly certain that if you're reading this, you know of someone in your life who doesn't know how to do something with today's ever increasing complicated first world problems of learning how to use technology. Well this article is here to help with teaching yourself how to teach another person like that, no matter who it is nor why. While not every step of this might be necessary, I thought it would be helpful to put all of these in order to give someone an idea of what more can be done to help people learn the things we all gotta do to stay involved with whatever it is we need to learn. I hope this helps you. Let me know if you think this list is missing something important! I greatly appreciate your input.

  • Ask what he/she/they wants to learn to use most and share this list if you think it won’t intimidate him/her/them.

  • Find out he/she/they already knows how to do ; ask him/her/them what a typical session on his/her/their phone/tablet looks like.

  • Let her show you how he/she/they does it so you know exactly where these are.

  • Use the words he/she/they used to describe his/her/their steps when possible ; make notes.

  • You yourself can learn how to do that thing he/she/they wants to learn on the digital device he/she/they is using.

  • After you learn how to do it, write each step down, using the client’s language when possible. (For instance if the client uses the f bomb, decide if you want to use the fbomb so the client understands.)

  • Make it super simple. No more than five to ten steps.

  • Give the client those notes only after you have walked through the steps with her at least 2x, preferably with a break in between.

  • Be sure to ask the client if he/she/they prefers paper or another method to keep that note.

  • Go over the notes another 2x if possible with the client leading referring to that list with your steps before.

  • Before giving the client your notes, ask his/her/their if he/she/they wants the notes with screenshots of each step, too.

  • Try to provide the list in digital and handwritten forms, and show the client how to access the list. Think about setting up a webpage or blog for your client to be able to go to for all their learning needs. See if he/she/they can do that; if not put them in at least two different devices that she can access. They can be an image in a folder or on the desktop or a button to make for that device.

  • Let him/her/them know that if she loses anything or forgets how to do anything, he/she/they can ask you again.

Sandra's current Resume 2023 with link to older CV/resume.

W is for "Wellness"

NAMI "In Our Own Voice" For Transitional Aged Youth (TAY ages 15-26)Common issues: Identity formation, relationships, substance use

Sandra biographical image from USC (c. 2002-2005) standing barefoot inside a fountain among the water sculpture figures.

Me, thirty-something at USC for grad school

Three of Clubs: Is this your card? My boyfriend in front of the Eiffel Tower.

My boyfriend, the magician, in Paris


My name is SANDRA, and my sister chose my name for me. My Dad asked me to change my name for English speakers when I was very young, so I said I wanted to be "Wendy". My sister said that she liked that name better for herself. I let her have it as long as she could help me find me a good name for myself.I’m from New Jersey, and I moved to Los Angeles in 2002 twenty-one years ago. My family is still East, both far East and on the East Coast. My extended family live in Taiwan.Our purpose today is to offer insights that provide support in the roles that matter to us all. To be better siblings, coworkers, neighbors, service providers, parents, spouses, and friends. Mental health conditions in ourselves or in someone we care about can impact those roles. The stories you'll hear today will describe how mental health affects people and their relationships with others. We’ll share how mental health has impacted our lives, explore warning signs, and describe what kinds of habits and changes support our Mental Health.We're going to alternate between watching a video and speaking with you directly. The video is divided into three segments: what happened, what helps, and what's next. After each segment, we will pause the video briefly, share our personal story, and then have time for discussion and questions. We are here for you and want to speak about what you're most interested in hearing. After the presentation, we'd appreciate if you'd fill out an evaluation form, either online or on paper, to give us your feedback. Let's get started with the first video clip.

NAMI: The National Alliance on Mental Illness is the nation's largest grassroots Mental Health Organization. We provide advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all people affected by mental illness can build better lives.

It has been an honor to represent one of many minorities in NAMI Urban Los Angeles (NULA), celebrating social activists and leaders like Bebe Moore Campbell, who was nationally recognized as part of July's Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.

What happened

When I was in high school, entering sophomore year, my family moved to a new town in the same state about two hours away by car. Back then, that was considered a long distance call. Every time I called my old friends, I was told that I was wasting money. I stopped talking to anyone, including anyone in my own family. I gave up on making new friends as well. Furthermore, I stopped looking anyone in the eyes, including myself in the mirror. In fact, I avoided people by eating in the bathroom stalls. The only time I used my voice was to sing in choir. I found myself unable to stop crying. That was when I began to see a child psychologist. In college art classes like semiotics, I learned about artists like Van Gogh with schizophrenia, without understanding that I would later become diagnosed with it. At that time, I fell in love in the only way my lonely, shy mind would have it. I believed my teacher was speaking telepathically with me because we were in love.I followed his voice at night into the streets of New York City, and was grateful that night when a stranger was able to give me just enough money to get me on a bus back home. I had been a little too generous with my money that day and gave away mine to others after singing to his voice randomly, missing all but the last bus that night back to New Jersey. I always wonder to this day who that kind stranger was that gave me the loan that got me home that night when I heard voices.While my parents drove in a car, I argued with them in such a way that the police could see there was something wrong. They pulled us over and asked if I wanted to be hospitalized. At that moment, I felt rescued. My father is a doctor, and I was ready to find Sanctuary from this dual relationship. The Emergency Room doctors put me in a strait-jacket with little yellow flowers on it. I started to giggle because I wondered about what other designs they had in there for the men? Did they have Spider-Man, or plaid, or The Incredible Hulk?

Since the Pandemic, I've had SSDI , I've been a peer advocate, I've lost SSDI, and I had an overpayment, but won that back twice which is unusual.This event caused me to have problems with relationships throughout my life, not just with men, but in life. My family has had more than a few deaths recently, and a number of them were suicides. It hasn't been easy being in an Asian American family to have mental health issues, and we're only just beginning to talk about it. It took years for me to find out about some of those deaths.

In therapy at Rutgers University (1998)

Me, twenty-something,
post first hospitalization,
with psychiatric medication

Image from high school days about 16 years old, first time with a short hair cut. Identity crisis issues.

Me at sweet sixteenish,
pre-diagnosis & pre-psychiatric medication

What Helps

What helps me is being willing to ask for help from others.I used to be uncomfortably shy in school and afraid to ask permission to go to the bathroom. I became a bed wetter, and developed anxiety and UTIs later in life.Communication is key for me. Being able to speak to someone I trust, journaling, and creative expression with performance or art classes has been helpful. The medication is just as important to me as a caring and concerned person in my life. As a woman, as an Asian American, as an artist, and as someone who was very shy at one time, my health depended on learning tools to become more mindful of healthy boundaries.What helps is not blaming myself or anyone else for what is going wrong. It helps to stay positive and keeps me feeling centered. It helps to see me as a person first and not a diagnosis. I can help myself better when I can forgive myself. I am better able to support when others see my strengths and do not constantly try to fix all my problems.Life feels like a giant waiting room. Each of us is capable of growth. It takes a lot of patience to figure out what is going on when something new is happening. I feel that way about pain management. Currently, I'm dealing with a lot of pain after turning fifty.I've done a lot of art projects, looking inward, and sharing with others about who I am. I made a short film called "PedantPhilia" about having heard voices in college, and it won some awards in a few film festivals. Recently I shared about my experiences with it at ISPS-US conference in Sacramento, in addition to another session with another pair of collaborators who helped me put together an AAPI presentation about our recent surge in hate crimes since the pandemic, mental health needs, and social history in America. It helps me to stay active in the community, working with others who are fluent in the language of recovery, and who can honor each other positive affirmations.Other things that help is volunteering to help others when possible, especially with family and friends. I love animals, and a friend of mine recently asked me to take care of her rabbit recently. That was very nice, and I was able to take pictures of the rabbit and chill out there for a bit with the rabbit. I have cats, and I used to have hamsters.

My cat, adopted from my best friend,
Shy like me at first, but always hungry & playful.

Me at thirty-something,
LACMA exhibit with a matching outfit & panda pouch,

What's Next

I remember the day I graduated from high school. It was the first smile I had in such a long time that I felt like a completely different person. I realized that no matter how sad I was, it was still possible to feel accomplished. Now I have a BFA from Rutgers University, an MFA from the University of Southern California, and I graduated from Vancouver Film School.I'm the NAMI peer advocate from Didi Hirsch that stayed for about ten years. I was one of many failed Asian engineering students in Rutgers University, New Jersey in 1993, and twenty years later in Inglewood, California in 2013, I was the only Asian peer advocate in NAMI Urban LA and Didi Hirsch CMHC.Currently, I am part of Los Angeles County Client Coalition, Inc. and Wildflowers' Movement as well as W is for Web, LLC which is my personal web design company. I am learning the in's and out's of 501c3 filing requirements and business plans. In fact, I'm starting to learn how to write minutes and selling online than I've ever learned before.I've performed stand up comedy in an attempt to "get over" my shyness. I've taken the same class at West Side community center about three times now, and it's helped me feel better about presentations. I have tried to collaborate with a lot of my artist friends by trying to set up their websites for free. Unfortunately, that doesn't usually pan out so well if they really aren't ready to go online. But I'm starting to learn more about SEO very slowly.But I'm most proud of having kept a good relationship with my boyfriend for over 8 years and my therapist for over ten years. Furthermore, I am more responsible because I know more about who I am, and I want to give back. I want to learn French with my boyfriend, and I want to move to Paris. I want to continue to paint and to simply enjoy life.Please don't forget to fill out the evaluation at the end of the session. :)

Image from high school graduation. My sister's friend's parents took this picture. My parents were not at my graduation. I don't know if I told them I was graduating. My first smile in years upon realizing I no longer had to be in school and depressed.

High school graduation,

Alone with my first real Smile in years,

My sister's friend's parent snapped the photo

NAMI IOOV surveys for presenters and viewers

Feeling inspired to write your own story? Feel free to use my google form templates and write about your own journey of recovery. You are welcome to copy the form for yourself and use it on your own drive.(40) minute form
(60) minute form

Click here to read my BFA thesis, mid thirties, on medication.

Want to read a sample of my writing from my early 20s? This is my BFA thesis work from Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts back in 1998. I was unaware of my current diagnosis at that time, and my eyes in most photographs from those days seem sleepy (like the image seen here) because I was on psychiatric medication.

Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts 1998

BFA thesis work

This work was submitted for my first college degree at
Rutgers University for completion of
my Bachelor of Arts degree at Mason Gross School of the Arts.
I was a transfer from the Rutgers School of Engineering.
Thank you for reading this.

BFA tribute

for my father, the Monkey. (My father is a Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac. The photo is of my Mother and me on one of those stickers you can purchase when the photosticker machines were popular.)

bfa paper title


two become None: A search for Origins
-by Sandra Cheng
A rough draft submitted to Professor Molly Blieden
Professor Mike Eisnemenger

In partial fulfillment of the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelorette of Fine Arts

New Brunswick, New Jersey
March 1998

BFA paper epigraph

"Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Agreed to have a battle,
For Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Had Spoiled his nice new rattle.
Just then flew down a monstrous crow
As black as a tar barrel,
Which frightened both the heroes so,
They quite forgot the quarrel."
              -Lewis Carroll Through the Looking Glass

New Brunswick, New Jersey
March 1998

BFA_ paper

In rereading my sister's rough draft of "River of Pitch", I was surprised by the number of mathematical allusions she included. In particular, aside from the precise measurements and ages using mostly multiples or fractions of ones and twos, is the choice of the word "ORIGIN".
"At five (101) years old, they were half a mile apart. The other children like to invite them to parties so they could play jumprope with their thick, black hair... If they kept still and squatted low to the ground, they could play Chinese Jumprope. Everyone asked them


BFA98- Sandra's thesis page 0011

if this was the origin of the name, but they didn't know what Origin meant. At those moments, they happened to be Taiwanese American- Siamese Twins now formally called "CONJOINED TWINS" connected by the hair playing jumprope, but one thing really had nothing to do with another."
Picture of a coordinate system


Venmo qr code SandraCheese

My younger sister Wendy, who graduated from Cornell in 1996 with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts is not known in my family as a math nor science-friendly writer. But she has always had a poetic mind and a deep understanding of words and their connotations.
The origin of the phrase "Siamese Twins" (meaning conjoined twins) is from the documented pair of twins from Thailand (?) attached by the waist. It is said that when one (Chang) drank alcohol, the other (Eng) felt its effects, and when Chang died in his sleep, Eng woke up and died of fright.


Venmo qr code SandraCheese

? (Is there a missing page, or did I miscount?)

                                   UNDER CONSTRUCTION
represents the solution to most of my family's arguments especially in my childhood. With the number of times
removal from the norm
What is hard to distinguish is
Pagan Kennedy's desc
1011 village (idiot) friend

Aside from describing the fixations
Zero is not a number in the same way
Women have always been keenly visible
urban communities and between
Is this because of the common values
the same way, Asians are becoming "zeroes"
always been an atheist


of Japanese Manga (comic book) style

Do you know how to read Binary?
There is a vision the twins have at the climax of the story
not supposed to represent either of us
to lives. Within that structure
My inclusion of the folding
knitted directly on the screens

had deconstructed as soon as
and vice-versa. Another
literally translates from Taiwanese as
faster than the speed of light.

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